"The LifeStar Reset Challenge was just what I needed. The personal insights are invaluable. I am confident I will continue to use and benefit from mini LifeStar scans."

"LifeStar is a great tool to remember the importance of living life in a balanced way. The tool is simple and effective and encourages reflection on your limiting approach. I highly recommend it."

“The Lifestar challenge forces you to stop, reflect and gain an insight into what stops you from being the best version of yourself. It has changed my life is such a positive way."

"The LifeStar programme has been a tremendous opportunity to connect with some amazing wahine. I have also taken a good look at lifestyle habits and delved into finding my true self. A real game changer, highly recommend."

"As a business owner, mother and carer for aging parents, my life is busy and, at times, out of balance with little time for me. The Lifestar Reset Challenge offers a supportive and research-based approach to understanding your drivers, areas to reset and the tools to create more balance. Working within groups offered new friendships and the accountability to support each other on our change journey."

"Doing Sue's 6 week LifeStar reset has been a game changer for me when I didn't know I needed it. Sitting consciously in my life instead of having it 'happen to me, despite me' has given me a renewed focus for balance and joy. Thank you Sue."

"The LifeStar is an extremely valuable well-being tool. It is a simple, effective and practical way for people to check-in themselves, creating self-efficacy and positive lifestyle changes. It guides and encourages balance and can be successfully implemented by anyone, including people affected by health conditions. I have successfully incorporated the LifeStar into my work with oncology patient populations. The impact of the LifeStar as a daily practice has been profound in helping people pursue mental and physical well-being after a cancer diagnosis."

"You introduced your LifeStar to me at a time in my life when I was rebalancing myself after 30 years of corporate life. What a perfect tool it was! I could see immediately where I was putting my energy (or not), and by reflecting on what truly nurtured me, I could shift my Star's shape to what I wanted to be (in the broadest, deepest and most beautiful sense of just being). Looking back, it was profoundly helpful to me at the time as it neatly cut through so much potential noisy thinking and distractions and pointed me at everything that was important. I fully reconnected with all parts of my life and feel great, so thank you, Sue for your LifeStar and guidance 🙏"

"I've been trying to get some more balance into my daily life - particularly when it comes to prioritising self-care. I used the Life Star to map out a typical week as I juggle life as a working Mum with a part-time job, a side hustle business and a lifestyle property. I love how simple and intuitive it is to get underway using it and how visual it is in showing you how your days pan out. It quickly became obvious from my wibbly wobbly stars that rather than achieving any balance, I lurch from a star pointing all one-sided (in the 'stop' and 'care' mode often in my weekend days) to a pointy 'achieve' 'connect' star during the week - with the consistent missing point being the 'move' one. Guess what I need to work on getting better balance on every day!"

"Absolutely love the Life Star! This incredible tool has provided a simple yet effective way to check-in with myself and move towards greater balance at any given time. I’m almost always on the go and therefore it’s often hard to do everything I know I should to support my well-being. The visual and individualized nature of the Life Star has helped me prioritize balance over “doing everything,” and establish go-to practices to better support my well-being even on the go."

"I work in a fast-paced, high-performing industry where it's easy to stop checking in with yourself. Work often becomes the full priority and focus. In my experience, I’ve seen this lead to burnout and people start to lose who they are. The challenges of Covid have also made this harder for people to look after themselves. When the LifeStar was shared I had an 'a-ha' moment - this is something I need; an easy to understand visual tool (the simple visual of the star helps) that I can use to check in with myself. The LifeStar to me, is a wellbeing tool but is highly linked to performance. It helps me see what areas of myself that I'm neglecting and which of these are recurring themes, and that helps me put actions into place to improve on those areas. Prioritising exercise for example and blocking time in my calendar for this was an action I took when I felt rubbish after not moving for a whole month of prioritising work projects. I have the LifeStar stuck on the big pillar next to my desk at work, and my colleague and I use it as a routine check-in to open up with ourselves and each other on where we're at. This opens the communication between us so we can support each other to improve on our own focus areas. Awesome!"


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