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"Investing in your wellbeing and personal growth is not an indulgence. It's essential if you want to unlock your potential, and put the good stuff back into your life"

Sue is a registered nurse with experience in health policy and quality improvement. She is also an internationally accredited leadership coach. Sue used all of her knowledge and experience to create LifeStar®.

After years of testing and development, in 2022, she launched the LifeStar® app.

Today, the LifeStar® has been adopted by individuals, teams and groups worldwide. The LifeStar® helps many people make positive changes and live healthier lives.

Sue's investigation into what makes us healthy and happy found five elements that contribute to well-being. LifeStar® uses these five elements to make a guide easy to customise for everyone.

  • Move
  • Stop
  • Care
  • Connect
  • Achieve

To find balance in our lives, we need to blend these connected parts together. 

This can be hard in today's world, where messages about wellbeing are often conflicted. "Run for your health", "Running is bad for you", "Work hard", "Don't forget to relax". Mixed signals can make people feel unmotivated and unsure of what to do.



LifeStar Elements

The LifeStar® journey so far....


1980s - 1990s

Sue's education and career as a nurse helped her see health as connected to many aspects of life.

1990s - early 2000s

Sue's job in health policy let her learn about research and evidence on well-being. The choices we make affect how long we live and our well-being. We can protect and prevent our wellbeing to improve our lives.

2005 – 2013

Sue develops her first concept of the five interrelated factors that impact well-being. She begins testing the concept on herself and her family.

2014 - 2020

We improve the five-point idea and show clients and leaders the LifeStar® scan.
Sue's background in coaching helps her grasp what affects our well-being.


The LifeStar® is part of the Courageous Coach programme for USA Olympic coaches.


At the IWG Women and Girls in Sport Summit, participants learn about LifeStar®.

We form LifeStar® Ltd Liability company. LifeStar launched the LifeStar® reset, a new program that combines well-being and leadership. It includes an app and a learning platform.


The LifeStar® website goes live.

We release the LifeStar® 101 online guide for scanning and understanding behavioural patterns.


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